Screenshot of Odeela Online Billing Software

Online billing software:
Invoices and receivables always under control.

Screenshot of Odeela Online Billing Software

Odeela’s invoicing module is an online billing software on steroids. Every small and medium company will benefit from using Odeela.

Our invoice software will, of course, let you create invoices. But that’s not the whole story - Odeela invoices can be very complex: written in your customer’s language and your customer’s currency. Covering multiple shipment destination or a different payer. Covering various payment terms which can be remembered customer by customer. Emailing an invoice to your customer with a predefined email template is just one click away.

It feels good to always know where your company money go.
Jason Lawrence, Quickfond
But there is more. Odeela small and medium business billing software lets you control receivables, too. So not only you sell, but also control and make sure you get paid!

Always wanted to offer different products or different prices to different customer groups? Odeela makes it happen in a most straightforward way.

Odeela online billing software for small
and medium business features:

  • Advanced Invoicing: All your invoicing needs in one place: simple layout, support for customers with many shipping address, your customers product names & codes, many languages, multiple currencies, any many, many more
  • Receivables Management: See exactly who is in time with their payments and who is already late even for complex payment terms. Color coded for quick attention
  • Automated Collection of Debt: automatically act upon various levels of past due payments – from friendly reminders, to legal notices, to blocking sales to this customer Coming soon
  • Payables Management: get a detailed and updated information on who and how much to pay but make your decision based on available and upcoming cash flows Coming soon
  • Cost Budgeting: control your profitability. Forecast your costs based on expected revenues and later control them and adjust if necessary Coming soon
  • Controlling: get a full insight to what is happening in your company; search for savings or optimization Coming soon

Odeela Finance Module is fully integrated with other modules of
Odeela Small and Medium Business Management Online Software:

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