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HR Software for Small and Medium Business:
Know your employees. Know your company.

Screenshot of Odeela Online HR Management Software

Did you know that Odeela HR software for small and medium business can become your company’s control center?

It has everything you need to manage your employees effectively. With Odeela HR software small and medium business has it easier to store the documentation and employment history. It’s simple to manage their leaves, too! Think how comfortable it will be to access your employee’s data within seconds.

We use Odeela platform to store copies all of our documentation, such as our employees’ resumes, performance reports, employment history and so on. Worth recommendation!
Craig Willis, Willis&Sons
Odeela small and medium company HR software organizes and categorizes all employee information you need. An easy access to the well-organized data saves your time. Don’t let anybody tell you that small and medium businesses don’t need HR management software. You, too, deserve the best solutions!

Odeela online HR software for small
and medium business features:

  • Employees: Keep all of your employees’ (past and present) basic information in one place, including contract copies and other files
  • Organizational Structure: within Odeela supervisors have additional managerial and coordination rights over their subordinates
  • Employment History: keep this important piece of information handy and easily accessible
  • System Access Rights: give your employees different pre-defined access rights depending on their job requirements
  • Leave Management: let your employees apply for vacation or inform about sick leaves within the system. Automate the administration and planning Coming soon
  • Substitution Management: never worry again that when your employees are on leave their tasks are not taken care of. Assign substitution and Odeela will take care of the rest automatically Coming soon
  • Customizable Access Right: every organization is different. Get the benefit of adjusting system access rights in a flexible yet straightforward way Coming soon

Odeela HR Module is fully integrated with other modules of
Odeela Small and Medium Business Management Online Software:

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