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Inventory Management Software for Small and Medium Business:
Efficient company management starts in the warehouse.

Screenshot of Odeela Online Inventory Software

Wouldn’t you want to see your warehouse equipped with the best technology? Of course you would! After all, nothing makes your warehousing easier than the right tools.

With Odeela’s inventory management software for small and medium business, managing your products is simple. The app’s features meet the expectations of the most demanding business owners.

Our company can recommend Odeela to all people who need a good software to manage their goods. It’s simple and it has a lot of functions that make the job really easy. We finally stopped spending time on digging through inventory reports.
Lauren Saunders, Secure Group
Our inventory tracker will let you know exactly what and when enters or leaves your warehouse. Automatically block goods that have been offered to a customer so that they don’t get sold to someone else. All the data is safely stored in Odeela’s online inventory management software. You’ll be able to quickly access the pictures and detailed description of the products or even the quality control reports!

Odeela inventory software is about to change how you have been managing your inventory levels. We promise you - you’ll never again go back to your old ways!

Check out all Odeela’s features yourself: from multipacks and variants management to the barcode system. Save your time looking for goods or managing the data all on your own. Odeela makes it easy - as it should be.

Odeela online inventory management software for small
and medium business features:

  • Products & Services: all the information about your product or services in one place, including images
  • Multipacks & Packsizes: this is a must have if you sell or plan on selling products in multi-unit packaging. Be it the same product or variants of the same product
  • Variants: Odeela supports colors, sizes, materials and any other user-defined product variants
  • Barcodes: a must have in a modern organization. Just provide your barcode type and number range and Odeela will do the rest Coming soon
  • Inventory Tracking: full inventory tracking down to a single delivery. You have a fully detailed information with majority of work done automatically by Odeela
  • Multiple Warehouses: so you store your goods in multiple locations or own multiple stores? Odeela makes managing such inventory a breeze
  • Delivery Optimization: optimizing your logistics chain is one of the keys to optimizing your cash flows. Get insights into how to better manage your shipments

Odeela Inventory Management Module is fully integrated with other modules of
Odeela Small and Medium Business Management Online Software:

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