Screenshot of Odeela Online Team Management App

Task Management Software:
The perfect management is now part of your company.

Screenshot of Odeela Online Team Management App

Can you imagine monitoring the progress of all your employees through one app? Delegating tasks and projects so easily that no one will ever again confuse their part? Having all metrics always ready for analyzing?

Now, there’s no more need for imagination. It’s the reality which Odeela online task management software makes possible.

Our team communicates much better since we use Odeela app. Everyone has their tasks explained clearly.
Sara Ross, Sunbase
Managing a small business can be challenging. But not with Odeela team management app! Now you can access and analyze all the information through a simple interface of Odeela task management software. All the tasks, all the projects, all the employees data is safely stored in one place.

Boost your company’s effectiveness. Make sure everyone knows their assignments. Send messages, analyze progress, prepare documents and organize data. All the advanced options are here for you, available through a readable, intuitive interface. Use it to breeze through the management process.

Odeela online task management software for small
and medium business features:

  • Task Delegation: delegate tasks to your team and keep them accountable
  • Subordinates Preview: take a look at what your subordinates are up to, how they progress with their tasks or their duties
  • Productivity Tools: fully integrated calendar, inbox and tasks will help you plan and coordinate your own work and your team’s
  • KPI’s: set metrics to measure your team members’ performance and see how they progress. You can pay them bonuses based on the KPI’s Coming soon
  • Predefined Workflows: Odeela comes with many built-in workflows that organize your team’s work in an efficient way
  • Custom Workflows: you can fully customize what decision path do the documents or information follow in your organization Coming soon
  • Document Flow Management: easily control and manage sales documents and payments; move them easily along the progress path, copy and link with one another
  • Advanced Documents: you will love the flexibility and power of Odeela documents. Various useful document types supporting multiple languages, pricelists, shipping addresses, custom numbering, PDF export and more

Odeela Management Module is fully integrated with other modules of
Odeela Small and Medium Business Management Online Software:

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