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Procurement Management Software for Small and Medium Business:
Supply chain well planned.

Screenshot of Odeela Online Procurement Management Software

Odeela’s procurement management software can change the way you look at your suppliers. If you dream of keeping your supplies coming in smoothly, always on time and always in demanded amounts, you should try out the procurement software from Odeela. Its features will surpass your expectations! Less time spent on organizing your supplies means more time spent on other tasks.

Our online small and medium business supply chain software simplifies the entire procurement process. You can track your orders’ fulfillment stage-by-stage until it reaches your warehouse. And when it does - it will be automatically included in your inventory.

With a lot of goods coming in and out, it’s good to have Odeela’s support. Managing different all of our suppliers takes now a lot less time than before.
Alice Jensen, Bigmart
Do you have numerous suppliers of the same product? Would you like the system to automatically suggest the latest delivery price for each one of them separately? Odeela supply chain management software takes care of it for you.

It is a perfect SCM software for small and medium business that likes to keep its procurement in check. If that’s your company, you should definitely test Odeela’s procurement management software!

Odeela online procurement management software for small
and medium business features:

  • Suppliers: managing your suppliers well may greatly benefit your company. Make sure you have all the information in one place
  • Purchase Prices: track the purchase price of your goods and better understand your margins
  • Procurement Optimization: you want your goods delivered not too early and not too late. Odeela helps you achieve just that and optimize your cash flows as a result Coming soon
  • Quality Management: a well handled claim can win you a loyal customer. With Odeela this burdensome task is as easy as it can get Coming soon
  • Electronic Documents: exchange documents with your customers and your suppliers in an electronic form Coming soon

Odeela Inventory Management Module is fully integrated with other modules of
Odeela Small and Medium Business Management Online Software:

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