Screenshot of Odeela Online Financial Reporting Software

Financial Reporting Software for Small Business:
Where are reports, there is growth.

Screenshot of Odeela Online Financial Reporting Software

Don’t undervalue the power or reports. Odeela’s business reporting software will help you benefit from them as much as possible. Full insight into your company’s important data at any time? Why would you say “no” to that?

Before Odeela I’ve spent so much time preparing reports. Making even a simple analysis with other software was a real pain. I love how fast I can do it now, it’s like Odeela does it for me.
Jennifer Bennet, Bennet Studio
With Odeela financial reporting software for small and medium business you will never again look at the reports the same way. Generate sales or profitability reports with just one click. Create your own beautiful charts or use predefined templates. It’s all up to you how you organize your data. Customize, change and improve the templates, create and save your own. Access all of them quickly and easily from the main dashboard. You’ll love the flexibility Odeela offers!

Reports are power. Odeela business reporting software will keep you up to date with your company’s performance. Monitor, control and observe your sales results. Be ready to react to any drops and to reward the increase.

Odeela online financial reporting software for small
and medium business features:

  • Dashboard Quick View Chart: don’t lose your sales out of sight. Get an up-to-date revenue report on your dashboard
  • Flexible Predefined Reports: Odeela offers a variety of predefined reports that you can adjust to your needs in an easy and intuitive way
  • Beautiful Charting: you have the right tools at your fingertips when you need to visualize your reports
  • User Reports: every predefined report can be adjusted to your needs and saved for the future use
  • Business Intelligence: an advanced look into your data with the ability to analyze and combine a lot of your company’s information Coming soon

Odeela Business Reporting Module is fully integrated with other modules of
Odeela Small and Medium Business Management Online Software:

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