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CRM software for small and medium business:
sales management was never easier.

Screenshot of Odeela Sales CRM Online Software

Does your salesforce spin the wheels and you don’t know why? Maybe you’re drowning in the sea of documents and invoices? Or maybe your customer pipeline is impossible to navigate?

Think about it: you could boost your sales by changing just one thing.

Odeela small and medium business CRM has everything you need to make your sales skyrocket.
With its advanced sales feature, Odeela brings order to your salesforce. And with it, comes your success.

Odeela makes the sales management easy. Can’t do without it anymore. They hit the spot when it comes to small businesses.
Ben Byers, Smile Co.
In sales, every minute matters. Thanks to our advanced and intelligent CRM software small and medium business can now manage all the salesforce efforts quickly and efficiently.

You will be on top of winning new customers and selling better to existing clients You will have even the most complex prepared within moments.

Your sales reports will be available anywhere, at any time. Your sales funnel won’t ever have a more readable form and you won’t see that offer or order go to competitor again because your sales rep overlooked it.

Organizing your sales activities doesn’t have have to dominate your worktime. Let Odeela sales CRM software sort it for you, so you can focus on your clients.

Odeela CRM software for small
and medium business features:

  • Advanced and Intelligent CRM: potential and current customers are managed differently. Now you have a simple, yet powerful tool for your salespeople to manage their pipelines
  • Sales Pipeline: a well-structured pipeline is critical in deal-by-deal sales and equally important in recurring sales.
  • Flexible Sales Documents: Get the benefit of seamlessly transitioning offers to orders to invoices. Create PDF offers on the go with just a few clicksGet on top of things with Odeela!
  • Advanced Invoicing: All your invoicing needs in one place: simple layout, support for customers with many shipping address, your customers product names & codes, many languages, multiple currencies, any many, many more
  • Sales Flow View: With just one look you are up to speed with the situation – who just sends out offers, who generates sales, what sales are actually paid and whether on time or not
  • Many Pricelists: Get the full flexibility to shape your pricing policies for every market, channel or ever every single customer. Invaluable feature, endless possibilities
  • Product Variants & Multipacks: The way you sell or pack your products is no longer a problem. We support variants, sizes, packsizes as well as multipacks of any quantity you wish
  • Services: You sell services, not products? No problem – we support that too
  • Sales Visits: Tools reserved to date for most advanced sales force software. Create various sales visit schemes and have your sales people follow precise steps. Push any modifications or ad-hoc tasks to the mobile app anytime you want (coming soon) Coming soon
  • Mobile Application: Your sales people get an amazing tool to help them excel. And you get the possibility to coordinate and manage your salesforce efficiently Coming soon
  • Sales Budgeting: Set your team’s sales goals, assign individual plans, control the progress and act before it’s too late to deliver Coming soon

Odeela Sales CRM is fully integrated with other modules of
Odeela Small and Medium Business Management Online Software:

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