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Are you afraid of click-stealing? Worry not - our program is based on the “first link” rule. It won’t matter from where a customer ended up signing up if you were the one introducing them to Odeela!

Other things you may ask about:

  • What is it all about? Long story short: Odeela provides the best company management software for small and medium business and we want you to talk about it. We will pay you a commission for every qualified customer you bring to us through your individual links and banners. It’s that easy!
  • Who can join? If you have access to users who might be interested in using Odeela, we want to hear from you. From a technical point of view, in order to qualify, you must be legally able to bill us for the commission you earn.
  • How do you track traffic from my website? When you join our program, you start off by generating some individual links or banners (you can generate as many as you wish). Each one of them is traced separately and you see all the statistics in the stats section of our affiliate system.
  • Do I get recurring revenue? Yes. You start by earning commission for every subscription that a customer buys during their first 6 months. However, you can quickly advance as our partner and then not only you earn commission for a longer period, but also the commission increases.
  • How do I get paid? We transfer your money upon every request you make via PayU as long as you reach the minimum value of 100 USD.
  • So how much can I actually earn? It is not unusual for our partners to earn as much as at least 120 USD for each qualified customer first referred by them.
  • How can I know who uses my links? Our affiliation system gives you an easy access to a whole bunch of different data. Analyze them! It’s the knowledge about every click and every reaction to a particular link or a banner, so use it to measure your results and optimize the outcome of your actions.
  • Can I earn more money than basic commission? The longer you are with us and the more customers we get from you, the more benefits you get. Not only your commission increases but it’s applied for a longer period of time. We also offer a bonus system for partners who achieve best results among their peer group. Increase your earnings by being a dedicated, active partner!
  • Having more questions? Read Odeela Partnership Program Terms, send us a message to or visit our Facebook and Twitter to get in touch with us!

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