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All plans include

  • Cloud Based System: Access your company data anywhere you are. Benefit from the safety of our online app to be in touch with your company any time you want.
  • Small-to-Large Screen Support: Odeela’s mobility doesn’t compromise the user’s comfort. Our system is compatible with any screen, from laptops to smartphones.
  • Touchscreen-Centric User Interface: Our platform’s interface is designed with touchscreen in mind. Using Odeela on a tablet is as easy as on a laptop.
  • Full Sync Across All Your Devices: Gain access to your account from any device: whatever you do on your laptop, will be saved and available on any of your other devices, with no additional configuration.
  • Advanced and Intelligent CRM: potential and current customers are managed differently. Now you have a simple, yet powerful tool for your salespeople to manage their pipelines
  • Sales Pipeline: a well-structured pipeline is critical in deal-by-deal sales and equally important in recurring sales.
  • Flexible Sales Documents: Get the benefit of seamlessly transitioning offers to orders to invoices. Create PDF offers on the go with just a few clicksGet on top of things with Odeela!
  • Sales Flow View: With just one look you are up to speed with the situation – who just sends out offers, who generates sales, what sales are actually paid and whether on time or not
  • Many Pricelists: Get the full flexibility to shape your pricing policies for every market, channel or ever every single customer. Invaluable feature, endless possibilities
  • Product Variants & Multipacks: The way you sell or pack your products is no longer a problem. We support variants, sizes, packsizes as well as multipacks of any quantity you wish
  • Services: You sell services, not products? No problem – we support that too
  • Sales Visits: Tools reserved to date for most advanced sales force software. Create various sales visit schemes and have your sales people follow precise steps. Push any modifications or ad-hoc tasks to the mobile app anytime you want (coming soon) Coming soon
  • Mobile Application: Your sales people get an amazing tool to help them excel. And you get the possibility to coordinate and manage your salesforce efficiently Coming soon
  • Sales Budgeting: Set your team’s sales goals, assign individual plans, control the progress and act before it’s too late to deliver Coming soon
  • Individual or Group Projects: Structure the way you work on complex tasks like new product development or simple ones like new layout for your marketing materials. Get other employees involved and make sure everyone works as a team
  • Team Assignment: Organize your team work by coordinating all efforts, assigning tasks and controlling progress
  • Progress Visualization: automatically generate beautiful gant and workflow charts, see bottlenecks and focus on project’s critical elements. Coming soon
  • Brand and Product Budgeting: Make sure the marketing team knows their goals and is synchronized with the sales team. This way both departments have a common goal and work together to achieve it. Coming soon
  • Promotions: You decide on the timing and extent of promotions and even limit their availability by customer or customer groups
  • Advanced Promotions: Extremely flexible module to fulfill marketer’s dreams without the implementation hassle. The moment even a most sophisticated promotion is created, Sales force has the information and ability to sell it Coming soon
  • Loyalty Programs: Be a preferred supplier - get your enterprise or individual customers more attached by offering them loyalty points for purchases they make. Later they can exchange points for prizes you provide Coming soon
  • Data Collection: don’t waste your time manually sifting through data – let Odeela do it for you. You just set the criteria and the action you want to trigger and be assured everything will be done as you want it Coming soon
  • Marketing Automation: Marketing Automation: don’t waste your time manually sifting through data – let Odeela do it for you. You just set the criteria and the action you want to trigger and be assured everything will be done as you want it Coming soon
  • Advanced Invoicing: All your invoicing needs in one place: simple layout, support for customers with many shipping address, your customers product names & codes, many languages, multiple currencies, any many, many more
  • Receivables Management: See exactly who is in time with their payments and who is already late even for complex payment terms. Color coded for quick attention
  • Automated Collection of Debt: automatically act upon various levels of past due payments – from friendly reminders, to legal notices, to blocking sales to this customer Coming soon
  • Payables Management: get a detailed and updated information on who and how much to pay but make your decision based on available and upcoming cash flows Coming soon
  • Cost Budgeting: control your profitability. Forecast your costs based on expected revenues and later control them and adjust if necessary Coming soon
  • Controlling: get a full insight to what is happening in your company; search for savings or optimization Coming soon
  • Task Delegation: delegate tasks to your team and keep them accountable
  • Subordinates Preview: take a look at what your subordinates are up to, how they progress with their tasks or their duties
  • Productivity Tools: fully integrated calendar, inbox and tasks will help you plan and coordinate your own work and your team’s
  • KPI’s: set metrics to measure your team members’ performance and see how they progress. You can pay them bonuses based on the KPI’s Coming soon
  • Predefined Workflows: Odeela comes with many built-in workflows that organize your team’s work in an efficient way
  • Custom Workflows: you can fully customize what decision path do the documents or information follow in your organization Coming soon
  • Document Flow Management: easily control and manage sales documents and payments; move them easily along the progress path, copy and link with one another
  • Advanced Documents: you will love the flexibility and power of Odeela documents. Various useful document types supporting multiple languages, pricelists, shipping addresses, custom numbering, PDF export and more
  • Employees: Keep all of your employees’ (past and present) basic information in one place, including contract copies and other files
  • Organizational Structure: within Odeela supervisors have additional managerial and coordination rights over their subordinates
  • Employment History: keep this important piece of information handy and easily accessible
  • System Access Rights: give your employees different pre-defined access rights depending on their job requirements
  • Leave Management: let your employees apply for vacation or inform about sick leaves within the system. Automate the administration and planning Coming soon
  • Substitution Management: never worry again that when your employees are on leave their tasks are not taken care of. Assign substitution and Odeela will take care of the rest automatically Coming soon
  • Customizable Access Right: every organization is different. Get the benefit of adjusting system access rights in a flexible yet straightforward way Coming soon
  • Dashboard Quick View Chart: don’t lose your sales out of sight. Get an up-to-date revenue report on your dashboard
  • Flexible Predefined Reports: Odeela offers a variety of predefined reports that you can adjust to your needs in an easy and intuitive way
  • Beautiful Charting: you have the right tools at your fingertips when you need to visualize your reports
  • User Reports: every predefined report can be adjusted to your needs and saved for the future use
  • Business Intelligence: an advanced look into your data with the ability to analyze and combine a lot of your company’s information Coming soon
  • Products & Services: all the information about your product or services in one place, including images
  • Multipacks & Packsizes: this is a must have if you sell or plan on selling products in multi-unit packaging. Be it the same product or variants of the same product
  • Variants: Odeela supports colors, sizes, materials and any other user-defined product variants
  • Barcodes: a must have in a modern organization. Just provide your barcode type and number range and Odeela will do the rest Coming soon
  • Inventory Tracking: full inventory tracking down to a single delivery. You have a fully detailed information with majority of work done automatically by Odeela
  • Multiple Warehouses: so you store your goods in multiple locations or own multiple stores? Odeela makes managing such inventory a breeze
  • Delivery Optimization: optimizing your logistics chain is one of the keys to optimizing your cash flows. Get insights into how to better manage your shipments
  • Suppliers: managing your suppliers well may greatly benefit your company. Make sure you have all the information in one place
  • Purchase Prices: track the purchase price of your goods and better understand your margins
  • Procurement Optimization: you want your goods delivered not too early and not too late. Odeela helps you achieve just that and optimize your cash flows as a result Coming soon
  • Quality Management: a well handled claim can win you a loyal customer. With Odeela this burdensome task is as easy as it can get Coming soon
  • Electronic Documents: exchange documents with your customers and your suppliers in an electronic form Coming soon

All prices are net of applicable taxes.

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